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Calling all play advocates, freedom agents, and education changers —

Kids at Play is seeking full-time outdoor educators to join our unique preschool program. We offer innovative childcare that focuses on learning the natural way.

We believe that expansive environments encourage creativity and higher learning, while narrow boundaries engender conformity and constrained learning.

We’re different . . . and the reason we’re different is because of a feeling that has grown throughout years of working in childcare, running and launching new centers, hiring and training, and all that comes with the wonderfully complex, challenging, and rewarding world of early childhood education.

We know because we’ve seen it — children thrive when they are able to express their creative inclinations, and struggle with too much structure and control.

If you’ve worked in the childcare field for any amount of time, most likely you are very familiar with the model of childcare that seeks to control behaviors more so than encourage and celebrate the innate creative nature of children.

Our teaching environment is different because we’ve expanded the boundaries of traditional childcare. We encourage process art versus product art, risky play and loose parts versus strict routines and rigid schedules. For some in the field our model is uncomfortable and takes a little time to adapt to.

Expanded Boundaries Circle

The best way to describe it is with the circle graphic that you see on this page. The inner circle represents the model of traditional early childhood education. The outer circle is the Kids at Play model. Outside the circle would be an unsafe environment.

The graphic illustrates that while we expand the boundaries, we are very clear about where our boundaries lie so as to ensure a safe environment physically and emotionally. And the purpose is to inspire children to be the awesome selves that they are.

If you’ve sensed that there could be a better way of childcare and maybe haven’t yet found a way to put it to words, you are most likely a great fit for Kids at Play.

We’re seeking amazing indoor/outdoor educators with happy sunny personalities. If you love children AND being outdoors, we offer an inspiring work environment full of fresh air and sunshine.

We choose our teachers for their unique talents. We seek well rounded teachers with a positive attitude and a passion for helping improve our program.

For more information about our open positions email us at hello@kidsatplay.co or give us a call today.

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Serving 12 months to five years of age, and camps for kids ages five to ten.

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